Breastfeeding and Nutrition

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Knitting & Psalm 18:5

My Lord is my rock. My fortress. My deliverer. My salvation. My hiding place.
Im making this spiral optical illusion blanket.
I started making these years ago. I changed it to only do knits. No purls.
Its my fav. I can memorize it. No need for instructions. Just four stitch markers. Any type of yarn. Any amount of yarn. Make a small one and its a hat. Or pillow cover. Or lap blanket. Baby blanket. Bed blanket. Chair cover. Stool pouf cover. Even a bag!

i love that i can make any number of rounds.  I can make it solid colors or stripes or just rainbows of greens or blues. Or oranges and yellows. I have made as many as 8 in one summer!  
Certain things in life are our GO TO things. Theyre safe. Theyre protective. Theyre warm emotionally. They keep us confident bc we count in them. They never fail. Theyre always perfectly dependable and turn out just how we want and need.
I love this pattern for that reason. Its my go to.
God is my go to. Hes always there. Always waiting. Like a nice ball of yarn. Waiting for me to pick it up and turn it around and feel the yarn. Think about what im going to do with it. God is patient with me.
Whats your dependable go to?  A recipe?  A pair of shoes?  Who is your always?
Who is your protector?
Whats your fav thing that you just KNOW will always work out no matter what you use? A smoothies that never fails? A soup?  A friend? A sister? Brother? Your neighbor?

Maybe a dog?
God thankfully has always been here for me no matter what I have been through and always turns out tasty, beautiful, amazing, and for the best even when I dont know whats going on.
If you ever dont know whats going on, pray because God knows. 
Im praying for you today.
xo annie

Applepie pancakes

Step one... cast iron. Coconut oil.
nutmeg. Allspice. Cinnaminnnss
From here once it is cooked you can add sugar but i usually dont. Or make applesauce. Or crackpot apples for apple butter or applesauce.
Sometimes add a smashed banana.
Then you can make all sorts of things.
Pancakes. Apple goo.
Or apple goo smoothie
Mini apple pies in muffin tins.
spread on an english muffin.
pour over oatmeal.
What would you do?

Breaking my fast...

How do you break your fast?

did you know where he word breakfast came from?

what is fasting?

right now im fasting a few things. In the mornings i dont eat for a bit. I do my shot of mindwise- goo drink.
ask me about that!
Then when im hungry i think about what it means to be with God spiritually.
maybe you say Creator. Higher Power. Goddess. Mother Earth.
Today i am breaking my fast and its about 12:30 my time.
What time is it near you?

this is a vindaloo chicken soup sauce stew mixture over rice 

turmeric is tasty and colorful. Used to dye fabrics and yarns.
super antiinflammatory as history has shown us in every culture across the planet.
Delicious womb warming wellness spices abound in here.

Black bean burgers from scratch are so easy

Basically take a can of chickpeas. Drain it

make some celery
Add some roasted red peppers from a jar or fry them in a cast iron w garlic and onions and celery
Add paprika 
Add corn if you have it. I disnt at the time but next time will def add corn
Add anything you want.
i mashed it allll up

finally i sprinkled corn meal on the mash and made patties.
Fried in coocnut oil. Oh added black beans of course. Hahah.
You can add anything you want. Salt. Peoer. Cajun soices. Or maybe you want some turmeric. Or maybe you want some different sea salts and hot sauces. Maybe you want cheese.
get to it!! 

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