Your Body and IUD's Intro Video

Your Body and IUD's Intro Video
Watch Your Body and IUD's Intro Video

Breaking my fast...

How do you break your fast?

did you know where he word breakfast came from?

what is fasting?

right now im fasting a few things. In the mornings i dont eat for a bit. I do my shot of mindwise- goo drink.
ask me about that!
Then when im hungry i think about what it means to be with God spiritually.
maybe you say Creator. Higher Power. Goddess. Mother Earth.
Today i am breaking my fast and its about 12:30 my time.
What time is it near you?

this is a vindaloo chicken soup sauce stew mixture over rice 

turmeric is tasty and colorful. Used to dye fabrics and yarns.
super antiinflammatory as history has shown us in every culture across the planet.
Delicious womb warming wellness spices abound in here.

Black bean burgers from scratch are so easy

Basically take a can of chickpeas. Drain it

make some celery
Add some roasted red peppers from a jar or fry them in a cast iron w garlic and onions and celery
Add paprika 
Add corn if you have it. I disnt at the time but next time will def add corn
Add anything you want.
i mashed it allll up

finally i sprinkled corn meal on the mash and made patties.
Fried in coocnut oil. Oh added black beans of course. Hahah.
You can add anything you want. Salt. Peoer. Cajun soices. Or maybe you want some turmeric. Or maybe you want some different sea salts and hot sauces. Maybe you want cheese.
get to it!! 

Vindaloo Madras is good on everything. Lentils this time

I have to say
It all started w baby liv liv

our friends brought vindalooto me when i was holding a days old newborn in my lap. Liv is our rainbow baby. We had a miscarriage before her and got pregnant five months later. To my surprise

But really baby blair was the first time zone crossing baby to get the vindaloo spices when i decided to write down what i was doing for my clients- herparents.
This one has fennel in it!! Great for blood. Breastfeeding
I made some vindaloo madras and mailed it to the couple expecting their first baby.
Since then it has become cardamommy.
more turmericy
w salt.
no salt.
Its really evolving 
i love it.
Here are lentils i made in the crackpot.
Lentils dont need to be soaked.
I make them like soup.
My bff Jael makes them like paste.
Both are AMAZING delightful treats for celebrations or everyday meals. Side dishes. Breakfast. Snacks. You name it.
. Xo annie

Crackpot vindaloo madras chickpeas and chicken. Next time coconut milk

I dont have any coocnut milk. Its okay.
Do it anyways. Make it anyways.
Did you know i sell my vindaloo madras spice mix?!?
I do

Try your hand!!

i used chicken tenderloins. Usually its chicken breasts.
I dont like to touch meat so many times it just chickpeas.
Also i blend up my suace so it isnt brothy.
This time i added waaay more chicken stock bc i wanted a LOT of sauce.
Onions. Garlic. Tomatoes. Optional
Chicken or not.
Sometimes a splash of rice wine vinegar
Thick sauce needs tomato paste and barely any stock.
You choose. Soup. Sauce.
Xoox annie 
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