Clementina peelings

My friend alesha told me to make lemon water.
What do i do?

make clementinas in boiled water.
Lid on folks.
Keep them essential oils in there!!

Blend up clementinas and make juice. Smoothies. Icecubes. Popsicles. 

Chicken nuggets like never before

Amiee’s good chicken nuggets need applesauce. I dont have any. In fact we never have any. I dont even have iit in my pantry.
What else works????
Pumpkin??? Ekkkk

shhhh dont tell

i added white sweet potatoes. Mashe dup.
My mom says you can microwave poked potatoes and boom done in minutes.
Baked is fine but they take an hour.
Sprinkled paprika


and lots of sage.
Okay. Mish it all up and then make basically tiiiiiiiiny meatloaves. But nuggets instead!

amiee says use carrots

i may pout in dehydrated onions and garlic just bc its fast.
Usually ill do cast iton onions and fresh garlic but not this time.
Also. Im doing a new creativity workshop and it says if i spell something wrong its okay.
Plus im one thimb typing this on my phone so i can multitask. Breastfeeding a baby. Momming it easier. Smarter.
Did you know you could blog from your fon??

yes. If you wanna know. Ask me. Ill tell all my secrets.
Watch out
Mold into any shapes. Or cookie cutter than!!!

have fun!!!

xoox annie

Doing shots!

A new bottle arrived on my doorstep yesterday.
the name sounds good

Whats it for?
Whats it do?

Most importantly - TASTE!
What. Does. It. Taste. Like?
Its a brown purple liquid.
It smells like lime prune juice.
It tastes actually really good. But again. I love citrus flavors.
It has inchi which is an incredible plant protein I use in other ways.
At this tiny little Amish grocery store I found a glass jar of inchi powder!  Yes. Score big time. Usually a very expensive treat I snagged two jars.
Now I can add inchi powder to my dog’s food and my smoothies and drink shots of my Mindwise!

let’s see how i feel tomorrow!

5 Spice Oatmeal

Have you ever wondered just how simpl you could make your oatmeal?
I did and yesterday the kids and I made it in a crockpot!

Almond milk
We added some apricot preserves on top at the end and a drizzle of real maple syrup.
A great recipe for anytime you want to go to sleep and wake up to a house smelling delicious and warm.
These spices are amazing for that womb circulation God created when He made these delightful warming flavors. Not only are they yummy they support your wellness!!

I cant wait to see what you make!

Throw in a banana. A can of pumpkin. Some blueberries. Coconut. Strawberries.

No-nonsense truths about essential oils...and what is a good beginner oil?

No-nonsense truths about essential oils...and what is a good beginner oil?
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