Hi, I'm Annie Roo and I help mamas create community in 21 steps.

Join  my  21  step Mama community  challenge!

My  mission (for starters)  is  to  help  50  mamas  before Christmas 
-  one  in  every  state  - 
 create  a  fully  functioning,  reciprocal,  authentic,  life-blood,  Christ community  where  they  live  
in  21  steps.
Even the most exhausted, spent, hungry, thirsty, depleted mama can do what I am about to propose you do.  

Maybe you aren't depleted. Maybe you have energy to make 3 meals a day. Most don't. 

The most well organized, fully fed, hydrated, mama needs friends, an ear, a shoulder to cry on, a face to look into when she shares her dreams and fears.

We are the hands and feet of Jesus when we lift up those around us.  
One day we are the ones needing the lifting; another day we lift.

Even the most well-intentioned mamas can have a hard time making friends.  Why?  Fear.

Fear of rejection. Fear of judgment.  Fear of more depletion.  Fear of trusting another.  Fear of one more flipping thing to DO.

There are 21 steps standing between you and new thriving community.  Build it with me. Go as fast or slowly as you want. The timeline is yours. 

You are not alone.

About Me

Growing up an only child, I now look at the faces of my 5 living children thinking - "What are we eating for lunch?" As a military wife, having spent the past 14 years striving to create a trustworthy, breastfeeding, no-pants door-answering Mama community in 3 different homes and cities takes fxxxx energy.

I was raised in a family where MY neighbors and all my Grama's were safe havens of snacks and juice, bandaids, hugs, and help.  

We can do this TOGETHER if we all exchange equally sharing our energy, our time, our attention, and our food.

I have done it before and I'm doing it again. Join me and do it where you are.

You deserve it.  Your children deserve it.  Your family deserves it.

Baby Step 1.
Ready to take steps towards living the God designed mothering life of your dreams? 

Join my 21 step challenge! 

How will it work?
One activity a day, week, month… will lead you down the pathway of creating curating cultivating THEE community of your mothering dreams.
Why does it work?
It works because you do it your way in your area in a way that works for your family.  I promise that you can do this no matter how tired you are, how hungry, how scared.  It works because I've done it.  Small town 1 stoplight, big city Denver, farm land life. 

Who is this for?  
Who is she?  Where is she?  Is it you?
Your daughter? Your sister? A friend?
The world needs this once more. It happened.  Long ago.  Women knew what to do when a pregnancy was celebrated, where to go when an herb was needed, how to grieve when a death came upon them, and what foods to make for healing heartache and broken bones.  
It is for you to create now and leave for your daughters and sons.  It is for you to make for your sister while she is pregnant so she is held when her baby comes.  It is for you to make now for your soul to survive another day!

What do I get?
You choose...
  • Herbs for 3 cups of tea
  • A "21 step challenge" bracelet to wear to remind you and use as a talking point
  • 21 Activities for you to put into practice where you live at
  • An online vault discussion group
  • 21 Activities for you to put into practice where you live at
  • An online vault discussion group
God knit us together weaving our entire blood line from Adam and Eve through us to form our very cells.  Yes, the ones in your fingers on your cell phone and your bum if you're sitting breastfeeding, and your eyeballs reading this right now.

He wants desires and actually commands us and in fact designed us to live in fellowship with one another. It got broken and we can fix it. Join me and build community! Then, just rinse and repeat!