Immediately put into practice my own hand made protocol to avoid mastitis for years!
(If you ever do get it like I did in 2022 after 6 babies, find out how I snapped right out of it and avoided the Emergency Room and was done with the pain, redness, and inflamed infection ALL AT HOME in 5 days!)

“I felt like my right breast was on fire and it was hard like a rock in one wedge" 

 “I didn't know the signs so when it hit me I ended up with an antibiotic iv in my arm, stuck in the emergency room with my 4 month old baby overnight”

 Don’t be caught unawares!  Learn the signs and build your wellness cabinet NOW! 

Become a part of a circle of women who are all experiencing this at the same time

Find your mama soul care tribe and make this a mothering moment you’ll never forget  

Simple clear protocols to try out immediately 
Zoom recordings to replay at your leisure 
A private online vault

Here's what we'll do together:

I will tell you the 6 easy steps I used to avoid mastitis for 11 years.


the 1 tincture blend  that is a MUST HAVE for every breastfeeding mama!
a midwife recommended essential oil - fatty oil combination
7 Young Living essential oils to never be caught without

what a poultice is, how to make it, & with what

what toothpaste you can make for infection reduction

a vegetable that works instantly for external relief

3 herbs to support immune function

& more!

Bring your baby and watch on your phone or computer! 

Make daily lifestyle mastitis avoidance goals a priority!

See real photos of my breasts progressing through

do everything you can at home first!

Once you are prepared, you take control of your wellness, breast health, body, and breastfeeding baby relationship!


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