Theres no such thing as …ghosts. Just kidding.
We are an epipen allergy family.  

The question- “What is this?  The doctor said its a viral allergy.”


Really? Wow. What will they think of next?

You can clean up and detox!! You can use lemon oils. Drink lemon juice. Use lemon rind. Use acv shots. Womb tea shots. Cilantro and ginger shots. 

The rash…welp.  
If it is some allergy or allergic reaction…

Its a flat out investigation w about a thousand questions. 

Theres no such thing as viruses. Detoxing maybe. Cellular debris. 

Contact dermatitis. 
Systemic allergic rxns. 
Food allergies. 
Bacterial infections. 
Triggers from chemicals. 
Emotional triggers resulting in physical reactions. Look up louise hay. 
Henry wrights book.  “A more excellent way. 
Be in health. Spiritual roots of disease. Pathways to wholeness.”

Biblical foundations. Bible verses for every ailment. 

Jussss sayin. I was lied to about a lot of things in college. So many things. And by doctors. And nurses. Some good. Some bad. Theres good and bad everywhere. 

Have you ever been lied to about something and you KNOW that doesnt sit right in your mama intuition?

What did you do about it?


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