Welcome to my 5 part series on IUD's: part 5

IUD's have a very sordid history. As recently as 1959 there was a study done that said,
"In 1 study of IUD side effects data from 6,450 individuals, there were 10 deaths and 15 instances of intestinal obstruction due to the perforation of the intestine by the device; 
ectopic pregnancies occurred at 10 times the normal rate; 
however, the vast majority of 56,000 insertions showed the device was well tolerated. " 

I'm not sure that well tolerated is even a phrase that can be used with something that killed 10 women. They certainly did not tolerate them well.  I know a woman in real life who had hers perforate her uterus and migrate - poke a hole into her body cavity and slice and dice its way around.  She had pain.  She was dismissed.  She demanded x-rays and they would not do them.  The doctors waved their hands and told her she must have had sex, had it "fall out" and she just didn't notice or feel it.

Uhmmm, didn't know it? Didn't feel it?  If it killed 10 women, I'm pretty sure they felt it.

The IUD is supposed to kill sperm, but how? They say that the copper kills the sperm. Yeah, how? How does it kill the sperm? Your biome inside of your vaginal canal is a very specific pH. I teach all about this in my spit scope class. It fluctuates up and down constantly so you can ovulate.  This is how God designed it to work.  His plan is perfect.  When we do things to change his perfect plan, we screw stuff up.  It is really very easy to track your ovulation with your temperature, your spit, your cervical height, your cervical mucus, your moods, and all of these things are free and nothing goes up inside of you.  No fishing lures shoved inside places they don't belong.  No sperm to kill.

Where does the egg go?  The same place it always goes!!!!  It is released.  IUD's don't do anything to the egg.  This goes back to getting pregnant with an IUD inside of you.  It doesn't prevent you from getting pregnant.  It is supposed to make the uterus so inhospitable that the fertilized egg, the baby, your baby, cannot implant.  The baby has been growing for awhile now.  The baby jus wants to snuggle up and become bigger.

Where does the blood go?  So you get your period and now what?  The IUD is making your body so angry that your immune system freaks the flip out.  It is constantly trying to expel the IUD.  If you are reading this and thinking, what the FLIP, yeah.

I EXPELLED MINE TWICE! (or maybe more) Maybe you had to get a new one put in because your body said...


Do you know WHY your body expelled the IUD? Because it doesn't want it in there.  It's like a little dust bunny that shoots up your nose.  Pollen.  A sniff of something. Your body sneezes.  You cough.  You sweat. Your body CAN and regularly does expel things it hates being there.  Pee. Poop.  Your body is soooooo good at getting rid of garbage and crap and build up of toxins and gross stuff and just used up food and drinks and yucky ickies that you make snotballs, mucus, and can usually get rid of it very easily.

If it's shoved inside of your uterus it just has a harder time so it has to take measures into it's own...well, uterus hands, and level it up.  You may feel bigger, harder, worse cramping as your uterus says, "GET the HECK out of HERE!"  Those cramps and bleeding are your body saying it doesn't belong.  Please remove this trash.

Your period will try to flow around it.  In most cases if you have a hormonal IUD you are exponentially destroying your body because you are injected a device into your womb that now is leaking out synthetic hormones which your body cannot process or use properly.  So these synthetic hormones block your real hormones and clog up all of your pathways.  Like a conveyor belt that is piling up boxes of the wrong size and shape.  Ain't nothing going nowhere it's supposed to.

The lies are that it prevents pregnancy. It does not.
The lies are that it kills sperm.  It does not.  
The lies are that it works 99% of the time.  It does not.
The lies are that the hormones are good for you.  They are not.
The lies are that it is safe.  It is not.
The lies are that if it weren't safe they'd recall it.  They do not.

What's the big deal anyways?  The big deal is that I have a better way that God made for you to use.  Track your ovulation with your spit.  It's easy. Anyone can do it.  You can do it.  You can use spit for free.  

Want to know more? Check out my website and my ovulation microscope class.  Need some 1-1 personal care and attention? Shoot me a message because that is my favorite way to support my clients.  I customize a protocol for you to do at home, yourself, with herbs, so you learn to LISTEN to your body, and not rely on a fishing lure.

God and I want you to feel at home in your body.  Plus, spit works for young girls, teenager girls, young women, and middle aged women to track their periods.

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xo Annie 


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