I have to say
It all started w baby liv liv

our friends brought vindalooto me when i was holding a days old newborn in my lap. Liv is our rainbow baby. We had a miscarriage before her and got pregnant five months later. To my surprise

But really baby blair was the first time zone crossing baby to get the vindaloo spices when i decided to write down what i was doing for my clients- herparents.
This one has fennel in it!! Great for blood. Breastfeeding
I made some vindaloo madras and mailed it to the couple expecting their first baby.
Since then it has become cardamommy.
more turmericy
w salt.
no salt.
Its really evolving 
i love it.
Here are lentils i made in the crackpot.
Lentils dont need to be soaked.
I make them like soup.
My bff Jael makes them like paste.
Both are AMAZING delightful treats for celebrations or everyday meals. Side dishes. Breakfast. Snacks. You name it.
. Xo annie


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