🤖A robot wrote this🤖
🤖A robot wrote this—

“A doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a woman and her partner before, during, and after childbirth. Unlike a midwife, a doula does not provide medical care or deliver babies. Instead, a doula focuses on advocating for the mother's wishes, helping her stay calm and comfortable during labor, and assisting with breastfeeding and newborn care. The goal of a doula is to help women have a positive and empowering birth experience.”🤖

💐I wrote this…🌷

As a wrap around doula I dont attend births. At all. I dont need to. Hire a birth doula if you want to. Ill help a mama find one. 

But im there for fertility prep for the year before. For miscarriage support. For the whole pregnancy every single day. Herbs. Tinctures. Exercise. Foods. Drinks. Yoga balls. Rebozo. You have the baby. I keep you from sneeze peeing your pants.  40 days of laying in. Breastfeeding success. Months after the birth youre healing and tracking fertility and most midwives dont do what doulas do and vice versa. 

The question is what KIND of doula are you even talking about?

Some doulas show up for 2 appts before the birth. Say hi and bye. LAME!!! Do not hire her!!

For my Postpartum- My doula made me food. Rubbed my feet. Told me funny jokes. Read to me. Fed me. Slap baths. Breast massages. Rebozo. Cooked w me. Laughed w me. Stayed in my kitchen cooking and brought her kids here. Did a naming ceremony. Prayed w me. Steamed me. Hugged me. Texted me. Made me homemade dandelion tinctures. Brought me delicious drinks and mushroom pureed bone broth. 

Do you know what a doula does?

Whats a bereavement doula?
Chef doula?
Fertility doula?

Interested in becoming a doula and helping mamas while you stay home with yours?  
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