Welcome to my 5 part series on IUD's: part 4

They look like fishing lures. Why shove that up ya special lady parts? OUCH.

IUD's have strings that dangle out. Can those strings break? Yup. 
Who can remove an IUD? Welp, some women have taken their own IUD out.  More on that later.

If you want to get down to the real truth, come on over to my free workshop or get on my calendar and let's talk about it.

Who inserts an IUD? A doctor uses a special tiny tube to go inside of your bojenga, then pushes it up through the cervix, ouch painful, and pushes the "T" shaped plastic and maybe copper as well IUD contraption into your uterus, all while this is happening I'm sitting over here thinking to myself...Uhhhhhhh, women should be knocked out but they aren't.  I mean, this doesn't feel good, or normal, or happy, and does cause bleeding.  This is called trauma.  Sexual trauma.

If you are reading this thinking....uhhhhh...it hurt like heck, and they said to pop an ibu-you know what-pill or some pain relief and they pushed you out the door then you bleed out your bojenga for days, weeks, months, I AM SO SORRY THEY TREATED YOU LIKE LESS THAN HUMAN.

This is not a thing that should be happening. This is torture. No woman out there who has an IUD and loves it understands how it is negatively affecting her body.  She doesn't.  No human being should be allowed to put a torture device inside of a woman's uterus like this. No robot either, because I know they use robots for surgeries.  Just go watch The Bleeding Edge documentary if you haven't.  Watch it with someone because you will need the support. 

What's the big deal anyways?

If your life is a ruler and you are born at 0 and your whole life is 12" then imagine what an amazing feat it is for you to stop right now, no matter how old you are and start doing a new thing!  You life is a calendar of events..

You have the rest of your life to keep doing that new thing which will alter the rest of your life, your children's lives - if you have them, your friends' lives, and the planet's existence.

When one of us stands up and says, "Hello there! Look, you may have seen me doing this before but I'm stopping now because I want better for myself," you are altering the future generations.  What if your nieces see you tending to your body in ways that God wants you to?

What if you daughters can grow up with a God designed body and functioning reproductive system and fully integrated immune system that talks to your thyroid and helps you live a life with better sleep, more health, better happiness and moods, and emotional intelligence about how to bring your body into balance?

You deserve to know that your womb, your uterus, your ovaries, your body is designed entirely to function together as a well oiled God creation with feelings, and hormones, and cellular structures that speak to one another.

Don't be afraid to let your body feel and talk to you.  It's yours!

xo Annie 
Click this pic and watch my free video on what IUD's are doing to your body.  Don't forget -I had a mama just this year (March 2022) take her IUD out and in 2 weeks she felt like a NEW woman!  Her libido was through the roof.  She felt better about her body, and her husband even felt better and he didn't even do a thing! Wow!  This is real, ladies. Get the fish lures OUT of your uterus!


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