What can affect a period?  

Lots. What do you mean lots?

Well….so start here…

Dif foods
Your hydration!!
Work job stress even if youre a mom working at dishes and diapers and laundry and cleaning and cooking and walking the dog
Lack of sex
External things like physically moving boxes. Spring cleaning
Doing extra errands
Emotional upset. Loss. Loss of something teeny or big
Trauma resurfacing
Personal trauma triggers. Smells. People. Internal triggers. 
Gut dysbiosis
Other peoples hormones!!! 
Men around you
Bxbxbxbxbxbbxbxb around you
Toxin offloading
Theres more. But i have a client who is like to the minute knows when shell get her period. She trusts her body. She KNOWS EXACTLY what happens when something interferes. And they do. The things. The pressures. The little things.

Do you wanna learn what my “all knowing client” learned so you can be like her and be SOOOOOO CONNECTED to your body you dont even need to track your spit anymore bc you TRUST YOUR BODY,  you BELIEVE your body, and you break up w society and their idea of how to ignore your clues cues signs and messages?

Im here. Got lots of ideas. 
One is fill out my intake form. It doesnt mean anything is locked in or done or paid for except you get a chance to legit take an honorary journey with your body and journal about your past and present. 

Its simply a tool in your toolbox. 
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How do you track your fertility aka your period?

How do you track your fertility aka your period?
 The world of fertility is one tied directly into the health of a woman.  When she gets her period it is a momentous day.  What did you do the day you got yours?  Where were you? I was on an airplane bound for Argentina, without my mother, or father, for that matter.

Why on earth was I there? I was headed to camp. I was 15.  How old were you?

The most important thing to discern - really - is the purpose of your cycle.  For those who care to have a cycle and enjoy the cleansing it does for our bodies in a way God designed I know that you don't find the same comments surrounding the hopefully monthly cycle.

Why is this? Why do people not like their period? Who on earth would want to stop it?  I wrote a little note a long time ago.

Stopping your cycle is stopping your health.  Subjecting yourself to hormones that aren't yours, don't come in anyone's body, and are created in a laboratory will do nothing but harm and maim.  So many autoimmune issues come from birth control con"trap"tions.  

I offer you this.  What if you could enjoy the cycle you have by understanding your body and why God put each part together in the way that He did?  Did you know that living you life according to when you have your period actually makes you more productive when you need to be?  There are cycles on earth, seasons, winter and summer, spring and fall.  We have cold and warmth.  We have life and death.  There are times for rest and times for activity.  We sleep and we wake.

I want to challenge you to think about your life and what you do on a regular basis that works.  Our bodies are designed to do the exact same thing.  We are created as women to flourish and create, invent, produce, be fertile, and to cleanse.  The purpose of a period is to build up the baby house.  Make up gorgeous blood vessels and invest time and energy into making the perfect garden to plant the baby in, metaphorically speaking.
Did you know there are ways to track your period that involve temperatures? Your spit?  The moon?  Your cervical mucus?  Your cervical height?  I ask you to think about the best way to holistically track your fertility aka your health.

What would your life look like if you could track your period, know when your period is coming, to the minute, all without any outside medical pills or technological apps hooked up to your phone?

I'm praying for you.