Annie Roo’s Postpartum Party Box Spices and Steam Herbs

How To Use Womb Warming Elements

Essential oils have enriched lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of benefits from cosmetic and dietary purposes to spiritual and religious use.

You can access the power of essential oils in many ways, but the most common practices include aromatic diffusion, topical application, and dietary consumption. These methods bring the pure essence of health-promoting botanicals to your home, family, and life.

Uses Of Herbs, Plants, Stems, Roots, Seeds, and Flowers

Essential Oils can be used in many ways, including:
Drinking Womb Tea Infusions, Indulging in Ceremonial Womb Steams, 
and Relishing their Delicious Essences
  • Inspire a positive emotional state
  • Enhance your physical wellness
  • Awaken spiritual awareness
  • Purify your lymphatic system 
  • Push the cardiovascular flow
  • Heal your womb faster
  • Bring more oxygen to the perineum
  • Detoxify stress hormones
  • Relax and calm the nervous systems sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways
  • Encourage breastmilk making through internal warmth
  • Gently eliminate with ease and no effort or pain

Information courtesy of Annie Roo