Ask yourself...

  • Do you desire to have a baby?
  • Have you been trying and not seeing the results you want?
  • Do you want to try something natural and holistic that ACTUALLY works in real time?
  • Do you want to learn your body's fertility yourself? (using spit?!)
  • Are you are tired of spending money every single month on kits and strips that you throw away?
  • Have you never really understood your menstruation and what is really happening in your body- but you want to?

  • Are you confused on exactly HOW people get pregnant, I many hours is an egg viable? Sperm?
  • Do you have a daughter (or sister, friend, neighbor, granddaughter, niece, cousin...) and want to teach her how to understand her fertility through body awareness & spit scopes?
  • Do you WANT to conceive and use tracking your SPIT to do it?

Balance Your Female Body With Spit Fertility Tracking

  • What microscope to buy
  • How to track 3 ways
  • Why spit works to track fertility
  • How many days in a row to track
  • How to clean the spit scope
  • What to do when you don't know what your'e looking at
  • How to get the best spit
  • Where to get the best spit
  • When to get the best spit
  • Unlimited access to online class videos
    • 6 Video Modules with Mini Lessons in Each 
    • Journaling Baby Steps
    • My Body & Me
    • 5 Other Tracking Methods Comparisons
    • 3 Do's & Don't's
    • "The Artist in You"
    • A New Lyfe-Style - "Lessons Your Feminine Explains"
    • Access to My Fertility Microscope Class & Community
    • access Fertility Microscope Class Now

a Sneak Peek Inside my FERTILITY VAULT

Check out this lesson inside one of my modules.



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