Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself
What if you were allowed to not know and simultaneously be in the moment?

What if you didn’t know if you were pregnant quite yet?

What if you weren’t sure if you were losing the baby?

Has anyone ever given you permission before to not know the answer? 

She asked- does this look like Im losing my baby? 

I replied- so theres nothing really to be done if it is a loss. 

And if it is implantation bleeding then yay!!!

I would say no matter what either way-  theres nothing better than resting. Take the day off tomorrow. 

Stay home. Or be gentle. Do happy things. A nice wonderful day of eating everything you love. Be outside if you want. Walking. Beach wherever you are. Mountains. Grass. Lawn. Walk the dog. 

Just do all the happy things bc no matter what youll have that beautiful happy memory of the day. And being kind to yourself. 

If you have ever experienced a loss- I am so sorry for your baby in heaven not meeting you. 

I dont think chemical or early or any adjective should go before a loss. A loss is a loss. Like who cares if it’s an early loss or late loss. Does that make your heart break less? No. 

To every mama out there reading this-
I wish I were closer!

Id bring you some tea!  Do you know how to make womb tea?  Do you have some nice hibiscus?  It is for sexual trauma. And loss is trauma. And our womb is our center of sexual reproduction. Miscarriage is a fountain for releasing emotions and grief. Allow it to come. 

Don’t push it away. Be kind to yourself in the unknowing. When else do we get a chance to not know?  

Time goes by so fast. Emails are instant. Messages ding and chirp and click and beep and sing. Voicemails vibrate and buzz and technology almost just barely thinks for us by predicting what we want to watch on tv next. 

Can we stop and breathe for one second? Who do you need to let you take a moment? Not me. 

God says you get to rest. So rest. 

Im praying for you. Amen. ✝️