Say what?!

What are you working on right now that is stuck?

Heres how to breakthrough the shame or guilt or mom critiques you push around in your head. 

Nibble it. 
Nibbles. Daily. Thats all. Teeensy baby steps. 

The dude who was on my zoom Wednesday for this class im in said hes got kids and hes nibbling away at his childrens book wriitng. Electrician by day and childrens book author by night. 

Cool!!  I wanna publish my miscarriage and pp book!

He cant focus it all on the books bc hes a Dad and husband. So he just is going slowly. Sooo slowly. 

Me? I think if i go slowly im bad. Or not worthy. I have to be perfect and it was shocking to hear him say he doesnt have a website. And is going so slowly. But hes a man. And im like huh wheres this coming from?  Dont men have to be perfect? Dont they have to be these big ceo rulers and always have it look fantastic??

Where is my little trigger coming from that says I have to go so fast and be so perfect and do it all at once?

Trauma. Duh. We all have it. 

So toss that out the window and take one nibble a day. And it doesnt even have to be a big nibble-  it can be a thought you had while peeing. Text a friend. Remind yourself. Text yourself. Message a bestie. Type it out. Save it. Make a drawing. 

Draw on the shower door washing your hair. As if you wash your hair. 

Doodle on a receipt while sitting in the driveway w sleeping babies. 

Whats your nibble?

Would you like a group of nibble encouragers? How much could you get done if you had a group JUST for nibble encouraging? 

Does this sound cool for moms?  What do you need uplifting for? Parenting? Business? Pregnancy? Eating healthier? Breastfeeding support? Art? 

Comment and let me know!  I promise ill read it. 


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