HELP! - she said. My period is being so weird. Several days of normal bleeding. Early. Late. Then normal length. 
How are you tracking?
What is going on to make your body react differently?
Have you steamed at all?
What are you taking for tinctures?
What teas are you drinking for your womb?

Also-  i know its tmi-  not for me- but super helpful-

What color is your blood?
Several days tells me nothing. Can you be more specific?

3 days of brown?
4 days of brown and black? Clots? 
Red at all? Pink? Mucus at all? Pain at all? Cramps? 
Normal length means nothing😂. Women tell me normal and then go on to describe absolutely completely irregular 100% not normal. 

I dont trust anyonebc theyve been lied to about what normal is. Not your fault! 

Whats early mean? Do you know your luteal phase? 

How do you treat your body when youre bleeding?  Tampons? Cups? Freebleed?  Work out? Run? Exercise?

If any of this sounds like you-  or you dont know what Im talking about and want some guidance… i am happy to help! 
Do you wanna zoom w me?

Reach out and tell me whats going on. 
I have 2 DIY things you can do immediately tonight to start balancing your body!