Are IUD's illegal?  What is even in an IUD? There are strings. For what? They dangle out where?? Do IUD's cause cramps that rival contractions of birth?  Can IUD's cause acne? If you take it out does it go away?

What's the big deal anyways?

Can IUD's leak hormones? Do all IUD's have hormones? (Wait...what's IUD even stand for?)

I - Intra - meaning inside of or within or between. Similar to INTER, but not the same. Interstate connects two or more states and is between states. The highway that goes between. INTRA is within the state, connecting parts of the state but inside of it.
U - Uterine. The uterus. The organ inside of your body where the baby grows. I like to imagine an upside down bowling pin with the capacity to expand and shrink.  For one, it expands when you grow the endometrial lining for your period.  What's endometrial lining? It's the layers of tissue inside of the uterus that thicken up and fill up with incredible blood vessels to allow a baby to nestle in and snuggle up and grow.

No baby? Cool. Blood and layers shed, and thus...YOUR PERIOD! 
D - device - meaning some con-TRAP-tion. A contraption. It is a trap.  A trap that does no good thing. Statistically, physiologically, emotionally, physically, hormonally it does no good thing. From a scientific perspective there is no plus of the IUD.  

Even if you have a non hormonal IUD -which there are IUD's like that - the mere presence begins to kill your body. I'll explain more in my free workshop coming up.

Begin here. Now.
Just start. Do one thing to educate yourself about your body.
Maybe you don't have an IUD, but you know someone who does, or maybe she wants one...send her this blog! Send her my way!

Here is my free video on IUD's and how they can affect our bodies.  Click on this picture to be taken to my video.
I am challenging you....take one step today to learn more about your body than you did before.
Be BRAVE! Send me an email with a question about how your body parts work! Maybe nobody ever told you and you don't trust Dr. Social Media and Dr. Goooooogle.

Be BRAVE. Be brave for the girls in the world who have the opportunity to grow up in a world full of truth and honesty and informed consent about their bodies.

xoxo Annie


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