Welcome to my 5 part series on IUD's:  part 1


Birth control can be a tricky web to weave. Christian? Catholic? God designed family planning?

What's the big deal anyways?

How do IUD's even work?  All week I will be going through some questions that most women wonder, not many can answer, and barely any doctors actually explain -oddly enough!

Let's begin here. Pretend this. is a quiz. What will you score? No cheating!  How many can you answer with 99% certainty without looking up answers?

The issue is...what do they really do? How do they work? Do they hurt? How long do they last inside of you? What is the best kind to have?

(None is the best kind to have)

Perhaps you are thinking about what type of family planning aka birth control aka holistic womb conception awareness you want for your body. Did you know that there are ways for you to figure out what is going on with your body and it doesn't even involve cervical mucus? How do you track right now? 

Temperature tracking doesn't work accurately if you are breastfeeding.  Cervical height isn't reliable if you can't even reach your cervix. Some women have a cervix that is so high, even when it is low, they can't feel it to determine the height difference! 

Mood swings can be tracked but it's very difficult to be quantitative - albeit qualitative works just fine for ....cranky, hungry, angry, sad, bloated, and tired.

Why would anyone want an IUD? What are the benefits? What's it even look like?

An IUD is a 'T' shaped plastic piece with some synthetic strings that are tied to the bottom of the T that is then inserted into a woman's uterus via a doctor's office visit.  It is quite painful, can render a woman bleeding for a year after placement, bother her when the strings dangle out of her cervix, bother her partner when his penis is inside, and can deteriorate, crumble, disintegrate, shift, move into her peritoneum, poke into her colon and have feces aka POOP leak out of her vagina...but those are just the fun facts.  There is more. I'll save it for the next post.

P.S. You can get pregnant with an IUD inserted inside of the uterus! It happens a lot, but nobody is talking about this.

While you're looking for answers...make sure you look up bifurcating uterus and ask yourself if you ever thought about that before!  What happens if there is an IUD inside one horn and the baby grows on the other side??
Young girls, our sisters, our cousins, our nieces, our daughters, neighbors, and women we know are being told half truths, half lies, and are being pushed into making decisions they aren't fully informed about.

I am challenging you....BE THE LIFE DOULA YOU WISH YOU HAD.

Be that woman you wish you knew who had the inside info. Be her. 

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