3 Herbal Secrets 
Revealed for You! 

These are my client's top picks! 
Vulva Healing

 Calendula has long been held as a healing herbal remedy. The flowers can be used as a womb tea to drink during pregnancy and postpartum.  They have a mild sweet flavor.  When added to a sitz bath or vulva treatment, these flowers do the trick for tears, stitch healing, itchy vulva, and hemorrhoids!
Do NOT be without this amazing orange yellow beauty.  Add it to a soothing chamomile tea or soak in the relaxing blossoms of the calendula bath you'll take with your newborn baby.  Enjoy a warming cup of womb tending calendula tea while you breastfeed.

Breastmilk Making
Oat Straw

Whether in a tea, a tincture, or a drink, oat straw is one of those supportive and sensitive earthly mothering plants.  The tinctures are soft and gentle on the new mother while supporting the blood which makes the nourishing breastmilk baby will be lovingly growing from.

My favorite way to get the goodness from oat straw is in a womb tea with delicious maple syrup and a few other yummy postpartum herbs like red raspberry leaf and marshmallow root.  Bringing this herb into your cupboard or pantry is a definite plus because it can easily melt into your body and bring balance to your cellular matrix.

Banish Postpartum Upset

 When becoming a new mother, the hormones flex and flush and cascade through our veins like a raging river, subtle streams, rivulets, and sometimes Niagara Falls.  We don't always have control over how God created the pathways for these hormone messengers to go.  We do, however, have the ability to support our natural flow with quiet uplifting herbs like skullcap that come into play when sadness, grief, sorrow, overwhelm, anxiety, and empty shell feelings creep inside. This magnificent herb saved me when we lost our baby in 2018. It is part of my miscarriage and fertility blend. It works! We became pregnant 5 months later.


Annie Roo is a Christian woman, holistic mother, military Army wife, deployment survivor, one ovary having, chicken farming, hospital/ home/ free/ miscarriage birther, lover of cooking, knitting, herbal blending, and womb tending.  
Mother to six, five living, children, Annie spends her days breastfeeding, making homemade tiramisu from scratch, blending up wellness teas, sitz baths, breastfeeding herbs, and creating tinctures for her family and clients.
A molecular biologist by trade, Annie began her doula journey before she even knew what the word meant - braiding women's hair in the Labor and Delivery Rooms while speaking Spanish.

Believing that the 40 days of laying in postpartum planning begins before conception, Annie Roo is truly a Wrap Around Doula from fertility through menopause!