My name is Annie Roo. I'm the founder of Mama Soul Care and love to help doulas just like you equip your toolbox and upgrade your breastfeeding support for clients. 

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I'll help you wherever you are.  
Let's take your doula business and level up your breastfeeding support!
Are you a brand new birthworker, or a veteran doula who has attended births for years?
This interactive 
communication driven 
mastermind will set you up for success no matter where you are in your doulaing journey!

What I can help you with:
Supporting You, the Doula with Breastfeeding Clients
Let's work together to create a successful communication support plan and a confidence that glows. 
3 keys to a successful breastfeeding client - doula relationship
Get my free guide to creating a successful harmonious bond.  
Connecting With Other Doulas
Apply to join my Exclusive Private Breastfeeding Specialist Birthworker Community and see what other doulas are talking about! 

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