Find out what ricinoleic acid does for your scars!
Cesarean scar? Surgery Scar?
I have 4 scars from one ovary being removed that nobody ever taught me how to take care of. 
Don't let that be you! 

I am about to teach you how to do...

castor oil packing for...

cesarean birth scars
melting any scars
surgery scars, you name it
to help remedy painful intercourse.

Get in my scar melting class castor oil protocol class right now!


Why does it work?
How do you DIY at home?
What is the best castor oil to buy?
How do you get it off when you are done? 
How long do you leave it on to get the best results?
Tips and tricks inside class.

Womb Care is Maintenance Life Care
Learn how to take care of your body according to God's design.  
Stop putting out forest wildfires; chasing sparks that cause more issues.  Instead choose and decide to live in balance and wellness with wellness protocols YOU create for your lifestyle.