How to BREASTFEED Your teething biting baby

Immediately put into practice tips and tricks to avoid being bitten and breastfeed through the teething time!

“I quit nursing when he bit Me,” she said. 

 “Cold turkey at 9 months old?! How sad for the baby but even worse was the mastitis for her!  I wont end up like that!”

 Don’t let others convince you to quit because they never learned how to win at breastfeeding and teething! 

Become a part of a circle of women who are all experiencing this at the same time

Find your mama soul care tribe and make this a mothering moment you’ll never forget  

Simple clear protocols to try out immediately 
Zoom recording to replay at your leisure 
A private online vault

Here's what we'll do together:

I will tell you the ONE and only book you’re going to need.


Bring your baby and watch on your phone or computer! 

Avoid the bitten nipple PTSD!

Funny frozen chewables to try…

This is where Most mamas quit!

Once you understand how to tell the difference you’ll never doubt yourself again!


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