Hi, I'm Annie Roo and I help women learn about IUD's, detox from them after they're out, and create a spit ovulation tracking wellness protocol for being on NO birth control but ON body awareness!

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My  mission (for starters)  is  to  help  50  mamas in the next 50 days
-  one  in  every  state  - 
 learn how to track ovulation with spit and be IUD-free!
About Me

Growing up an only child, I now look at the faces of my 5 living children thinking - "What are we eating for lunch?" As a military wife, having spent the past 14 years striving to create a trustworthy, breastfeeding, no-pants door-answering Mama community in 3 different homes and cities takes fxxxx energy.

I was raised in a family where MY neighbors and all my Grama's were safe havens of snacks and juice, bandaids, hugs, and help.  

We can do this TOGETHER if we all exchange equally -

sharing our energy, our time, our attention, and our wisdom about our bodies.

I have done it before and I'm doing it again. Join me and do it where you are.  Pop in your inbox and watch my video to learn about IUD's and what a fantastic alternative I have for you.

You deserve it.  Your children deserve it.  Your family deserves it.  Your body deserves it.  Your sex life deserves it.  Your womb deserves it.