Dr. Sharde Roebuck Turner: Bereavement 

Dr. Sharde Roebuck Turner

After suffering two loses of my own, I wanted to support those who had felt what I experienced. In my daughter Zenobia’s honor I began to reach out and support those families. Working in Holistic Medicine with Zenobia in mind gave me the force to create courses, resources, and virtual care as a means of support. I share with you all my knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years. Please check out my Pushing Through The Pain Course for both bereaved families and those who work with them, Caregiving in a Crisis: Emergency Support Workbook, join my grief support group on The Band App, or to schedule a virtual consultation when you're ready to push through to get through that pain. 

I have been there and just know that whether we have met or not- I send my love and support to you in this moment, and especially when the world is quiet & heavy on your shoulders. 

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Roxy Enezliyan: Making Infertility & Inflammation Invisible

Roxy Enezliyan

I am a holistic mama, healing myself and becoming a healer in the process! I love learning and teaching all the natural ways of living and healing. 15 years ago the western medicine and pharmaceuticals route almost killed me until I informed all my doctors, stopped all the meds, and started cleaning and healing my body naturally.  At one point I couldn’t even walk I was in so much pain and severe inflammation. Along with many genetic issues that got triggered with inflammation I was also considered high risk for infertility yet I healed myself. I am amazed to have a healthy perfect child, who I nursed for 5 years. I have been able to heal my body where I can walk and hike and live a normal life instead of having knee replacement and being childless and sick for a very short miserable life. I win! God and natural healing approaches saved me and I’m here to help anyone that needs and will accept my help! 

Roxy’s Bonus video will cover: 
A Lesson on Detox & Tissue Repair using all of her favorite proven methods and tools. 

I’m going to teach you how to do a really well planned and successful deep detox on multiple levels like heavy metals, toxins, parasites, candida, fungus on many levels and I’m also going to guide you through the process of resetting your gut health & balancing your mineral levels to help your heal and body repair itself: I’m going to introduce you to products that are going to support your tissue repair in cellular level.”

Her objectives include: 
Understanding the difference between toxins in the body and how to clean each one as well as how to replenish microbiology of the digestive system and restore mineral levels. 

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CJ Kern: A Lifetime of Lonely- Military Mama

CJ Kern

Catherine "CJ" Kern is an ever evolving woman, from a tomboy-latchkey kid, to a teen mom, a military wife, a catholic convert, and mother of four, including a special needs baby.

One over arching theme to her evolution has been loneliness. Here, she will share her loneliness in hopes of connecting with other lonely women to let them know they're not truly alone, after all.

Bonus Video:

In her bonus video, CJ goes in depth about what it was like to have a spina bifida diagnosis during pregnancy, having a disabled newborn, and living in the NICU. She will talk about her personal struggles as well as a practical account of how to survive and navigate the NICU and hospital.  From basic necessities like eating, sleeping, and showering, to bonding, caring, and pumping for a newborn in an intensive care medical setting, and the mental, physical, spiritual, and familial stresses.

Jurene Rhees: Telos Moments

Jurene Rhees

After years of working in the interior design and engineering field, Jurene, a CODA (child of deaf adults), is living her dream as a homeschooling mom of 3, and small business owner of Telos Moments, whose aim is to direct hearts to the Creator in every Telos Moment. Telos is the purpose revealed in its design. Jurene seeks to answer the question, “what if every moment, all we see and experience is purposed to draw us to Jesus?” You can find Jurene with her kids, reading books, fort building, knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, and exploring her creativity and having theological discussions with her husband.

Jurene’s MUST-HAVE Booklist for motherhood, discipleship, and theology.

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Kelly Milligan, CPM: 
The Midwife Life

Kelly Graham-Milligan

Kelly Graham-Milligan is a Certified Professional Midwife who travels the world doing trauma mission work, living in her RV in Georgia and Florida attending births as a homebirth midwife with her hands off approach.  As a plant based foodie, her cuisine has healed her clients, brought focusing on fertility to the forefront, educated women about their bodies in ways most have never dreamed of in 2023.

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Growing Roots Midwifery and Farmacy

Liz Urbina: 
Conscious Eating Coach for Women over 40

Liz Urbina
Conscious Eating Coach for Women Over 40

Liz Urbina mentors and inspires professional women over 40 struggling with unwanted weight, low energy levels, and chronic health conditions,to transform their relationship with food and live a healthier lifestyle so that they can feel consistently well in their own skin and achieve their optimum health, without dieting.
She is the founder of the Diet-Free Conscious Eating Academy.  As a result of joining the Diet-Free Conscious Eating Academy, her students enjoy amazing energy, become more active, and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, in a non-restrictive and sustainable way, while inspiring their loved ones to do the same.
Liz has been featured in the Soulful Speaker Summit, Mujer de Exito Unbounded Podcast and Getting Real with Paula Alphonse show.  Her 22 years of Engineering experience built her love into systems, processes, research, and scientific evidence. Her own health challenges led her to devote her last 10 years to find a way to take control of her health. Through intensive research, mentorship and testing, she discovered a system to transform her own health, the health of her family, friends and clients.
Liz believes that when women prioritize loving and nurturing their bodies and minds, they can absolutely bring their best selves to whatever they want to create in life.
She loves being active and connected to nature.

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