Chaya Shual

Chaya is a Jewish woman, wife, mother of three unassisted, homebirthed boys, co-founder of Prudence Ministries, and Birth + Life Shomrit. 

Her spiritual perspective is founded on the Tanakh, flavored by her faith journey from Christianity to traditional Judaism, and informed by her observations of the Divine designs of nature.

What is a "birth + life shomrit"? Shomrit is a guardian, keeper, or watchman. As a birth and life shomrit, Chaya acts as a guardian over the life and birth experiences of all members who invite her in.

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Molly Racette: Herbal Mothering

Molly Racette
Herbal Mothering

Molly Racette is a trained herbalist, a doula, a mother, a lover, and the owner of Herbellion. She stumbled into midwifery and herbs in her early 20’s when a midwife showed up on her doorstep and initiated her into the world of old folk traditions. Even though midwifery was always Molly’s plan, God had other plans for her and He sent her on a journey to learn from many different herbalists and plant protectors. In 2018, with the birth of her first child, her second baby Herbellion was born. 
Molly’s goal is to increase the well being of her community through the use of herbs, herbal education, and connection back to the abundance this earth has to offer.

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Sarah Piedrahita: Reinvention Strategist

Sarah Piedrahita
Founder of Need to Breathe Coaching and Certified BANK Trainer & Coach

My name is Sarah Piedrahita. I am The Reinvention Strategist and I work with all sorts of people to make sense out of the nonsense in life and business. I serve people who have been blindsided by life and need help on next steps to those who are ready for life on their terms and leveling up. I love to teach and coach on reinventing yourself because I’ve done it and I believe that every person deserves more and better. I’ve been able to transition from drifting through life to shifting into greatness and my greatest passion is empowering others to set themselves free and live their dreams in service to their communities. I LOVE helping people see the value within themselves, release what doesn't serve them, and fulfill their purpose. You are the creator of your world and the master of your seas. My ultimate goal is to connect and empower humanity, one life at a time. Stop holding your breath and start living your best life NOW!

Feeling dissatisfied with how life is going, want to live life on your terms and not sure what next steps to take? Go ahead and book a complimentary 30 minute Direction Session here:

If you are ready to level up in life or business, gain better communication and better relationships, begin by cracking your personality code in 90 seconds or less.

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Meg Reed: 
Embracing Our Humanity Beyond Fear

Meg Reed

Meg Reed is a health coach, specializing in the childbearing year, childbirth educator, doula, and student on the doctoral track to her degree in Natural Medicine at Quantum University. She is also a single, homeschooling mother to three boys, all of whom were born at home and continue to live life fearlessly and naturally. She is also a survivor of sexual and domestic violence and advocates for medical freedom. Her business, Fearless Life, has also been the first in the IA/IL Quad Cities to offer donation-model labor support services for ease of access to all demographics. She has been a childbirth educator and doula since 2013 and became a health coach in 2017. 

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Randi Freyer: Marriage Warrior

Randi Freyer

Randi Freyer is a mother to 3 incredible children, military wife, lover of Jesus, international airline pilot, Colorado Mountain Mama, mission trip traveler, deployment survivor, breastfeeding pumping working mama, marriage warrior, and all around really good cook! 
Find out how she birthed a baby while her husband was deployed, pumps while being an airline pilot and keeps her supply up, all while using strategies that work to keep her marriage solid gold.

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Sarah Jordan: Feminine Cycle Syncing

Sarah Jordan

Sarah helps women bring their masculine and feminine more into balance through the art of cycle syncing. 

Cycle syncing is understanding that every week you're different. You speak different, you feel different, you react or act different. And, bleeding or not, you have a cycle!

In learning these nuances, you become much more intimate with your self and your life comes into much more ease and flow!

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