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Mama Soul Care Bundles

What a great idea!  Gift my holistic doula services to:

 a beautiful expecting mama 

or teenager who just received her moon blood 

or any woman who would love some gentle mama soul care!

Choose the best fit for you!

'A la carte' 1 zoom care chat 30 min consult (any topic) = $59 every month until cancelled

Calendula Bundle

Fertility to Menopause Womb Flourishing Support via Unlimited Text & Weekly 30-min Zoom Care Chats

$300 every month until canceled + initial one-time fee of $75.00 for a 60 minute zoom call to assess your goals, desires, and create a holistic womb plan

Comfrey 'Knitbone' Bundle

Wholesome Womb Support via Unlimited Text

$30 every month + initial one-time fee of $50 until canceled with a 30 minute zoom call to assess your goals, desires, and create a holistic womb plan

Buy a womb bundle now

Forget-Me-Not Mega Bundle

Lifetime Access to all content & Unlimited Texting & Weekly 30-min Zoom Care Chats for 12 months

$3,016.18 one time fee for lifetime access

(That's a savings of $658.82 compared to the Calendula and Burdock Bundles. )

Buy Lifetime Access Now

Burdock Bundle

Beautiful Breastfeeding Support via Unlimited Text & 30-min Weekly Zoom Care Chats

$300 every month until canceled + initial one-time fee of $75.00 for a 60 minute zoom call to assess your goals, desires, and create a holistic breastfeeding plan

Red Clover Bundle

Bountiful Breastfeeding Support via Unlimited Text 

$30 every month + initial one-time fee of $50 until canceled with a 30 minute zoom call to assess your goals, desires, and create a holistic breastfeeding  plan

Buy a breastfeeding bundle now
knit together life community memberships




1.  You immediately gain access to exclusive member areas.  

Best of all - You get access to ME!

$24.00 monthly subscription
Cancel at any time.

Enter LOVE14 at checkout then click APPLY...
lock in a price of $9.99 monthly subscription (cancel at any time) with a 1-time fee of $50 AND get a bonus 45 min ZOOM call to customize exactly what your needs are -

That's a savings of $118.13!




1.  Want your own custom made starter kit just for your needs?  That is my specialty!!

(Breastfeeding, womb care, cycle balance, menopause, fertility, libido, weaning, emotional release, spiritual desires, detox, health support name it!  I create it JUST for you!)

Then, with your custom kit - 
You belong to my Young Living Essential Mamas team and... 
I add you to the community for FREE!
You get FREE me!

Click here to have a free consult with me where I create YOUR custom made starter kit just for you!  $170+ up

Type "I'M READY" to email / text me in the pop up box.

It pays for itself in 8 months!

That is the perfect amount of time for you to start finding your balance and living with ease.

So...What do I get? 

Look below to see all the amazing goodies I have in store for you.

With one click you receive immediate access to:

over 150 (and growing) video vault with step-by-step "how to's"
recipe videos 
yoni steaming videos
essential oil videos 
crafternoon videos
children's science at home videos
book review videos
breastfeeding and birthing videos
womb tea videos
a fertility microscope "how-to" video
and much much more when you explore inside this exclusive members only vault I have made for us. 

You will:

  • have access to archived videos from social media (in case you are not on social media, or want them all in one place neatly categorized and organized for members only) and brand new never before seen content made especially for you
  • get breastfeeding resources galore with links to breastfeeding videos starting with the first latch to pumping help, finger feeding, and more...
  • find out what ONE breastfeeding book is THEE best one to have and why you'll probably get MORE sleep if you have it and its sister book, and why they are very controversial!
  • get the inside scoop on what a midwife who has attended over 1,000 births and been a midwife for 21 years tells every couple they should read before having a baby
  • learn to listen to your body and see what it has always been telling you about what it needs and wants
  • find out how to breastfeed according to your baby instead of a clock
  • understand how to use your breastfeeding as birth control
  • learn how to comfort a teething baby w breastfeeding instead of medications and why it works better than pacifiers
  • understand what different medical interventions mean and why you can set up your best support before baby is born to give your body the best chance at having the birth you desire
  • find out what postpartum workbook solves your To-Do list troubles and why pregnant couples need it BEFORE baby arrives
  • learn why doulas reduce the rates of interventions and where you can find one!
  • decide if you would like to become a doula, too, and where to learn and from whom - according to what your heart and soul tell you
  • get an introduction to baby wearing and how it may save your Mama life (and your pelvic floor!)
  • see why breastfeeding saves you $3,163.86 in JUST 12 months
  • see how baby led weaning saves you thousands of dollars and trash
  • take a look at my library of books on sexual health, breastfeeding, plants, birth, home remedies, and what they support and how
  • learn how to be your own herb gardener
  • find out what issues are in your tissues and how to release them without a single pill
  • find out which phone app is the best for identifying plants (and the creator doesn't even drive a car, WHAT?  It's true.  She flies to Iceland to teach herbal conferences though.)
  • see how to make your own salves, balms, chapstick, lipstick, face serums, body butters, dog paw goos, baby creams, mermaid hair spritzers, laundry soaps, cleaners, and more... 
  • learn how to use a reusable, lipstick sized LED ovulation microscope to track fertility for conception or contraception with your spit (it's so easy a child can teach you how to do it
  • learn how to make customizable immune stimulating elderberry syrup for you and your family
  • create an immune booster with only 2 ingredients that will knock the socks off of every single sniffle, throat tickle, snorky nose, and yucky ick
  • know what your water number is and how adding essential oil can open up your entire world to supporting every body system
  • create your own womb tea aimed at supporting your body as a whole and its particular needs for fertility support, postpartum tending, menopause life, hormone balancing support, emotional release care, physical support, or as a spiritual practice
  • design your own yoni steaming herbal blends that are customized to YOUR specific needs whether supporting increased fertility, better management of menopause, nourishing postpartum tending, balancing moon blood regularity with ease and not pain, detoxifying your body, connecting with your inner creativity through womb care practices, and supporting your body having the best sex of your life
  • find out why I rub breastmilk on my face at night, and where else you can rub it, and what it is a good lubrication for...(breastmilk has stem cells in it, btw)
  • make fermented garlic for your holistic remedy pantry (...adding an extra secret ingredient for zip!)
  • learn about how to support your hormones and find the perfect balance with essential oils that are individualized for YOUR body and your life 
  • cook with nourishing wholesome foods your children will actually eat (...and even ask for more)
  • learn detox protocols for the body with supplements, hands-on bodywork with essential oils through vitaflex and raindrop technique to start supporting the body's cleansing of toxins
  • see how we live a peanut free life w/ allergies and epinephrine injectors at the ready, doing daily detox from the biologic injections that caused the allergy
  • learn how to start a gut biome supportive healing protocol for reducing and eliminating symptoms in order to live a happier healthier life
  • find out how to use essential oils to clean your home with toxin free plant based household cleaners that are safe
  • understand why supplements with essential oil are better and more important for living with ease (food in 2020 has roughly 40% of the nutritional value foods had 100 years ago, YIKES)
  • make healthier choices about choosing foods as close to their natural state as possible to support overall optimal body vigor
  • understand what CBD is, does, is used for, and how it can be combined with essential oil to activate CB1 and CB2 receptors without THC
  • learn how to live a toxin free makeup lifestyle with beauty products that BAN over 2 thousand known toxins that the USA routinely does use
  • find out what the most potent antioxidant berry on planet Earth is and how to drink its juice blended with essential oil every single day to support your cardiovascular system, immune system, and overall health including hormone balancing support!
  • become an essential oil mama who has a go-to bag in her car, home, purse - who knows first aid oils, sleepy time oils, pet oils, baby oils, cooking oils, cleaning oils, water number oils, libido assisting oils (wink, wink, nudge nudge!), and ( . Y .    ) breastfeeding oils, pumping oils, peace and calming oils, just for starters!
  • become your own home remedy guru with simple ingredients found in your produce section for under $10
  • break up with your medicine cabinet for good and learn what easy essential oil bottles can replace most everything from a box full of dyes, chemicals, and preservatives
  • get a quick body systems run down so you can feel confident in understanding YOUR BODY and how and why it works or doesn't, and how to fix it YOURSELF!
  • teach your children how to tend to their emotions, physical body, mental and spiritual connections and take time, spend energy, and give attention to what their body is telling them to live with ease
  • buy foods that heal
  • see simple mom tricks for preparing good nourishing foods, storing, freezing, cooking, and eating that will have happy faces helping make meals and eat them all up
  • learn how to find out if you can fix sneeze, laugh, cough, and jump peeing your pants withOUT surgery!  (I cured my sneeze pee without surgery, the WORST and hardest to fix.)
  • understand your breath and learn how to retrain your body to support your pelvic womb space so you stop peeing your pants when you don't want leaking
  • get creative and use essential oil to paint, journal, draw, crafternoon your heart's innermost artist
  • find out my #1 secret weapon for cooking fantastic fabulous meals when I don't have energy but want flavor punches and immune boosters in our yummy home cooked meals (make tea w it, too!)
  • and so so so much more, like live video conferencing where you get to ask real time questions, get answers, and share what you know!
but most of all...
you get premier personal access to me.  
I am right there in the discussion groups, commenting, and listening and learning right along with all of you.

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